One of the most exergerated suggestion I have heard recently is that Peter Obi has no structures to win elections. This is not true. The structure argument is a manipulative ploy to make voters think that they need to cast votes where it will count. The truth is that votes should be given to the person or party that will make Nigeria better. I love the rebuttal of Peter Obi’s supporters to the proponents of structure argument. If you tell them that Peter Obi has no structures, here are the brilliant responses I have listened to.

The first brilliant rebuttal was in Comedian Acapella‘s video. He said that the structure is the people – people who are passionate about a Nigeria that works for everyone regardless of tribe, religion and ethnicity. The intimidation of  supporters of parties such as APC and PDP regarding structure has made citizens to declare to “vote for a party without structure” since it appears that parties with structure do not produce any public goods (Watch Sarah Amakwu’s Video). The INEC appears to inspire confidence in citizens and voters know that votes will be counted not structure. Peter Obi himself responded to this question on structure so brilliantly on his Radio interview on 90.3 FM. He asserted that his structure is the poor people who are suffering across Nigeria regardless of whether they are in the Northern Nigeria or in the Southern Nogeria. His structure is young people who need support to realise their future. His structure  is businesses that need better environment and ecosystems to perform and create wealth in the society.

Everyone who thinks independently in Nigeria knows that the right person to pull Nigeria out of the worsening degeneration is Peter Obi. Governance is a serious business. Consider that President Macron of France came from a new party with less established structure to win the presidency because the citizens of France wanted fresh air. Recently, President Macron felt that he has the structure just as APC and PDP are currently feeling. Few days ago, the people of France cast votes that made Macron loose majority in the parliament! Is people not the structure? If French citizens vote to send a message to the structured party, Nigerians can vote for Peter Obi and Labour Party to send a message. This is why Acapella’s point is so profound – the people is the structure. If Nigerians are persuaded that Peter Obi is the right candidate, they will vote for him and he will win – simple. This is so simple that structure has nothing to do with it. Structure does not solve problems, people do.

The opponents of Peter Obi appear to be jittery and shocked by the impacts that the Obi Movement is having across the country. The shock is that Peter Obi has received uncommon commitment from Nigerians who use their resources and platforms to promote his presidency. The truth is that Peter Obi is a good business – promoting him is good for you because you know that you are being patriotic. How? He did not give you shishi but you do it because you rightly believe him. I would encourage  upcoming artists and comedians or performers to tap into Obi Movement to create contents on Peter Obi. It is not only Peter Obi’s  supporters that will consume your creative outputs – all Nigerians will do because those opposing him takes more interest in contents on him. In 2023 election, supporting and voting for Peter Obi is probably one of the most patriotic duties any citizen of Nigeria can display in his or her lifetime. Nigeria is inching quite close to economic and sociopolitical quagmire and if your single vote will help salvage Nigeria by casting it for Peter Obi and Labour Party, how patriotic it is?!

The second argument of structure is that elections are not won on social media. This is not completely true. The truth is that social media is a tool for electioneering and it has correlation with the ultimate action of voters. Voters are not necessarily  party members. So, voters need to be assured that their votes will provide a better democratic society. Discountenancing the massive social media movement of Peter Obi is a reactionary comment by opposition because Obi movement occupied the Internet before APC and PDP – Obi is leading. People who use social media in Nigeria are not aliens from Mars or Pluto. The voters who use social media platforms, who have been persuaded by Peter Obi are likely to explain in a clear terms what “moving Nigeria from consumption to production” is to people in their networks. Think about this example even though many of this kind abound. Nigeria has oil and gas but imports refined products. What Peter Obi is saying is this, for those who do not understand: if you refine the oil in Nigeria, you can create jobs for millions of youths with certificates but with no jobs or hope. You stop paying for subsidy which is a broad day institutionalised scam. You will strengthen foreign exchange of Nigeria. You can export refined products to earn foreign exchange. This is what Peter Obi wants to do but APC and PDP wants the consumption of producst to continue so that things like awarding contracts in millions of dollars to repair Kaduna and Portharcourt refineries can be done regularly but no fuel will be produced and subsidy will still be paid. This is unsustainable. This can stop if Nigerians think outside the structure and set aside APC and PDP by voting for Peter Obi and Labour Party.

Nigerians who can think and enlighten the masses should get involved in 2023 elections. You may live in Nigeria or in Diaspora, Nigeria is the only country you can call home and it should be better than it is currently. If one person using social media influences 10 persons and 1 million Nigerians do this and sustain the network till the ten persons vote for Peter Obi, this will yield 10 million votes. If they influence an average of 20 persons to vote for Peter Obi, this will produce 20 million votes. The competive advantage of Peter Obi is not structure, folks, but the message, the compelling visions, desirable personal qualities  and track records, which he keeps saying ” go and verify”. What a confidence mixed with humility.

If you let anyone change your mind or deceive you from supporting or voting for Peter Obi because of the structure argument or indeed based on any other flimsy reasons (e.g. ethnicity, religion or region) being advanced by some, then you do not understand the issues. The problem that needs to be solved is not ethnicity, religion, region, etc. The issues to be solved include the level of poverty in the land. The fact that ASUU is still on strike while politicians are behaving as if it is a normal thing. No country from antiquity has ever become great without education. Yet, APC and PDP have failed to lay a solid foundation for modern education in Nigeria. What of the fact that inflation is rising and the minimum wages are so low that employees in private and public sectors are suffering because inflation is being imported into Nigeria as a consuming nation. Nigerians from all sorts of backgrounds must unite around what is common for all citizens.

Any discussion on 2023 elections that is not based on issues is a manipulation – tell them you want to waste your vote on Peter Obi. Do not fall for deception this time. APC manipulated Nigerians in 2015 and I am still shocked that any Nigerian will vote for APC in 2023. APC has recked the economy and widened the faultlines and delicate balances of the Nigerian system whilst paying less attention to the real issues – jobs, education, security, unity, etc. PDP said that they have repented. Does what they did during their primary election show that they have repented? APC and PDP have raised money through their primaries to buy Nigerians. APC chairman has asked the media in Nigeria to stop reporting on vote buying after Ekiti elections because the report is embarrassing the country. Meanwhile, even EFCC arrested people selling and buying votes in Ekiti. What APC Chairman is simply saying is this: please, can you stop exposing our vote buying, it is embarrassing us. What do you think that APC needs the N100 million cost of form for? Citizens, media, civil societies and security agencies need to ensure that vote buying fails. APC and PDP have a single toolbox: money. If money is boycotted with knowledge, then their structures will collapse.

The questions for Nigerians is this. How much are you and your future worth? Would you want your children and grand children to live in a Nigeria that will not provide for them in the midst of plenty? Only Peter Obi that talks about your future and that of your children and grand children. APC and PDP can buy your future in 2023 with N5,000 or N10,000. If you fall for it, don’t complain post-2023. Nigerians can use 2023 to accentuate new sets of values. To choose to value integrity, hardwork, love and life of service which Peter Obi embodies over money and manipulation which APC and PDP have served Nigerians as breakfast in the journey towards sustainable development.

In summary, Peter Obi does not need any structure other than Nigerians in whom his vision resonates with is his structure. Those passionate Nigerians will spend their resources to share Peter Obi’s visions for a great Nigeria, which is very possible. The 1 million volunteers (which you can be part of) that have committed to share Peter Obi’s vision with 20 persons or more will produce 20 million votes without a single structure. Let’s do it to show new possibilities in Nigerian democracy.

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