Dear Nigerians,

I am a passionate Nigerian but I currently live in the UK. Let me say that, when you are in Diaspora (overseas) and you have interests in Nigeria (as I do), you could have a helicopter view of what is happening in Nigeria better than many people in Nigeria because you have unlimited access to Internet and electricity to watch events and connect the dots. You see things as they appear to be because you can synthesise multiple sources simultaneously to achieve objectivity.

Let me tell you what I see now. I see a situation where ALL patriotic Nigerians at home and abroad should get involved directly or indirectly in Nigerian politics to ensure that Peter Obi is elected president for our good and the preservation of our future as an emerging nation. For the first time in Nigeria, can we for a moment show that we are enlightened and intelligent enough to reason beyond personal benefits (money from politicians), tribes, religion and ethnicity. The future of Nigeria is at stake in this 2023 election, believe me.

Nigerians need to help Peter Obi to help us. Have we not suffered enough? Have we not been fooled enough? Have we not been hopeless enough? We need a young visionary leader that is closest to the masses not an elite who will lock out the masses after elections to continue sharing our common patrimony with fellow elites. 2023 elections is a competition between the Nigerian masses and the Nigerian elites. You can decide the fates of the elites by your PVC (register and collect yours please). You can turn down money and vote your conscience and their money will fail them. You may even collect the money (it may have been looted from us) BUT vote your conscience. Collecting money from manipulative politicians who rely on buying Nigerians as slaves, but voting against them, has been happening since the framework for the new electoral law was implemented in Edo and Anambra. Now, the electoral law can enable Nigerians to vote and have their voices be heard loud and clear. We need Peter Obi to grow the middleclass that APC has destroyed. Prosperous middle-class can lift more people out of poverty. In Nigeria, there is no social security. The only social security is a job for everyone. You will agree with me that if a member of family is working, he or she tends to take care of others. That is how we live and survive in Nigeria. Therefore, taking care of more Nigerians means creating more jobs, more wealth.

Peter Obi can create jobs – that’s what he knows how to do. You know a man by where he stands. Peter Obi, by his excellent business background and unflinching integrity can open up Nigeria for business. If you have ever wished Nigeria to be like Dubai or any developed world, you were actually (unbeknownstly) wishing for a Nigeria where wealth is created. Wealth creation makes nations realise its full potentials and become globally influencial. Nigeria of our dream can only come when we create robust systems that create sustainable wealth and prosperity for all Nigerian citizens. Wealth creation is a product of politics because appropriate fiscal and monetary policies drive the economy. Peter Obi is an economists and his political economic views are that of productivity economics. Listen to him to get an insight about how he has studied many economies of the world. Knowledge is power as you know; he is not just telling stories as many may think. Ideas of what to do must come from somewhere, not from an empty head. Peter Obi’s anthem is “wealth creation, pulling people out of poverty, stabilising the economy and opening up Nigeria for foreign direct investments”. Look at the kind of money flowing to Rwanda because they got their politics right even after the wars. It is time to put the Biafran war behind us so that we can build our future like the Rwandans.

Dear PDP Delegates, please note this. Over 200 million Nigerians in the geographical space called Nigeria is hoping that you will vote for Peter Obi. Do not disappoint us! You are our first line of defence for the Obi’s movement and we sincerely count on you. Dear PDP elites, please give us Peter Obi and leave Nigerians to contend with the APC regardless of who is their flag-bearer. Dear Governors and State PDP chairpersons, please send your delegates to go and represent the common conscience of Nigeria. Peter Obi is the new conscience of Nigerianhood and the only pathway to nation building. This should be your last patriotic service to Nigeria as a governor. You are part of the Obi movement in heart in solidarity with many Nigerians from the North and South that are rising up to support Obi’s presidency for a prosperous Nigeria. The Obi movement is about a crosscutting unity and unanimous voice of Nigerians of all tribes and tongues to rally around Peter Obi to rescue Nigeria. He is a humble man and he will serve you. He will serve the people of Nigeria. Even if you are abroad, you will be happy to call Nigeria home. This is why Nigerians in diaspora, who are probably enjoying the benefits of good governance should get involved in 2023 elections to ensure the right person is elected. You might be enjoying overseas but you will enjoy more if jobs are created for your relations and you are at peace that your loved ones are not always fighting for their lives. So, encourage PDP Delegates and Nigerian masses that you know to vote for Peter Obi.

We, as Nigerians need to join or contribute to this new organic and timely movement to create a new Nigeria. Peter Obi is the face of a “New Nigeria”.

Destiny Chukwuma (United Kingdom)


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