The principle of remedy

My most valued benefit for being a Christian is the principle of remedy. The scripture started with the fall of man in the book of Genesis but used the greater part of the scriptures to explore remedy.

For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God indicates that there is a fallible nature in every human being.

The principle of remedy is so beautiful. You do not need to be a Christian or be religious to gain from the wisdom it holds. The reason pencils have eraser or cleaner is due to the principle of remedy. The reason there is an opportunity to resit an exam at school or write an alternative in order to progress further is because wise and optimal designs for societal systems must include the principles of remedy. There are remedies in law, accounting, engineering, etc.

Most people that are suicidal may well be so engrossed that there is no remedy in life. Thus, they see only the end of everything. On the contrary, the Christian faith posits that the death of Christ is our remedy for sins, salvation and redemption. This means that we can count on the life and sacrifice of Jesus to live our life in its fullness. This is so beautiful and transformational to those who understand the depth of its implication.

Now, what has gone wrong with you or what you are doing? Have you lost hope? If there be any thing that spells imperfections, then look for remedy to it so that you can continue towards your destiny. You cannot stop because you faced temporary obstacle or give up because you think there is no way. Think in terms of remedy.

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