You must have heard of or read about how to be goal-oriented. Goal orientation is focusing on the final expected outcome of all actions and inactions towards a defined goal.

Your goal might be to travel to a different continent for 2022 holidays. This is just an example. If at the end of 2022, you travelled to a different continent, then the goal would have been achieved.

There is no value judgement as to whether travelling to a different continent is worthwhile or not. It may be a lifetime experience for one whilst another may not value such experience. The point is that the value of a goal is relative to different people.

Most people break down goals into objectives. Whereas a goal is seen as the final expected outcome to be pursued, objectives are small wins or necessities towards the goal. Take for instance, to travel to a different continent may require booking flights, securing accommodation,  saving or borrowing money for the trip, etc. Each of these tasks that should be achieved to realise fantastic holidays can be an objective. Thus, being objective-oriented is about using creative and analytical skills to breakdown a goal into actionable and necessary objectives. The difference between wishful thinking and real actions to achieve goals is around objective-orientation and alignment of objectives towards the goal. Anyone can set goals, but how many usually achieve their goals? Yet, goals form significant part of life.

It is not sufficient to list wonderful things you want to achieve in the new year. Listing things will not work because it doesn’t end there. You should be able to systemise all the resources and create new ones before a simple objective is achieved, which might just be a component required to achieve the goal.

Recently, I wrote a book on how one might move from thinking to knowing enough to act to create and achieve objectives. The real secret of achievements is in realising objectives not in goal statement.  Creating objectives may be abstract in nature but physical actions need to be harmoniously taken to realise objectives and the ultimate goal.

A companion of  Thinking,  Knowing,  Doing  and Being is The Questelligence Workbook and it helps you to practice Objective-oriented thinking. Complex thoughts are required to achieve significant goals. There is a need to write about how you are thinking and pursuing the objectives. I repeat, you are writing about how you are thinking about the goals and objectives. This is not the same as journaling, it is a working book to shape the evolution and dynamics of events leading up to the goal achievement. The Questelligence Workbook has three major parts: creating,  analysing and reflecting.

Back to the discussion,  I will use a simple example to illustrate the practicalities of objective-oriented approach to pursuing goals. In the Questelligence Workbook,  I encouraged users to employ minimal words in describing their goals. However,  there must be a key verb in any goal description.

Example: Write a book.

Yes, “write a book” is the goal and that is sufficient. From the Questelligence framework,  you can create objectives which are specific and domain-based. The Questelligence Workbook is designed using the Questelligence framework and it helps users to think in terms of the 7 Questelligence domains.

As such, the following might be relevant. These are very few samples of questions and statements that would go into the thinking process. Indeed, there are 127 questions/statements that you can raise on a simple goal as “write a book” and this number increases any time any of the items of the 7 domains changes.

Specific domain: Conduct research on the topic. Out of the books I have been thinking about writing,  which one will I focus on.

Process domain: Integrate the use of smartphone and computer for writing. How will readers access it?

Time domain: Start from January 1st and complete the book before December 31st. Write whenever inspired.

People domain: Select reviewers, publisher,  target audience for the book.

Reason domain: Establish why this book is necessary and why I should commit time and resources to produce it.

Place domain: Where will I be comfortable to write.

I recommended having at least 12 goals per year. You should have created your 2022 goals by now.  The Questelligence Workbook has a page where you can state your annual goals. The main book demonstrates the thinking processes that can facilitate goals achievement.

Each goal needs objectives. Note,  not all goals are material in nature.

Consider a goal like this: ” Improve my interpersonal relationship  skills”.

This objective might include reading about interpersonal skills throughout the year, particularly when you come across relevant materials. Focussed research can also be conducted. For instance, a book such as “How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie” can be read. Practicing interpersonal skills after acquiring the knowledge and pondering over the knowledge are crucial to achieving improvements.

Interpersonal skills might consider little things that matter such as being spontaneous on the following:

1. Saying thank you for every good gesture received from anyone.

2. Saying sorry for errors in judgement and mistakes.

3. Listening to others and empathising with them.

4. Volunteering your skills to help whenever you identify needs.

5. Improving communication skills.

Objective-oriented approach could transform your 2022 because it will enable you to live each day with purpose and fulfilment. Why should one spend days idling and feeling that they do not have anything to work on? External agents should be the only trigger of what we should be solving or resolving in 2022. We must be deliberate. Objective-oriented approach is not about being materialistic and sacrificing any aspect of your life to get another. This is even about balance in life. It is about defining what spells value to you and creating actionable steps to realise them. You can spread your actions across the year for all the goals.  Hopefully,  they should make you happy when you achieve them.

If you buy my two books mentioned above ( Thinking,  Knowing,  Doing and Being; and The QuestelligenceWorkbook), you can schedule a conversation with me free of charge over Zoom via My goal in 2022 is to share my ideas on Questelligence with a minimum of 200 persons. Hopefully,  you will be one of them.

Happy new year 2022!

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