How to be loved

Here is a secret of being loved. It is the readiness to be receptive to being prepared to be loved. Being loved is not domiciled in the one who is loved but in the one who loves. Therefore, the one who is loved is a recipient of love, which is based on the decision of the one who loves.

Yes, love is a decision, not a feeling. Love is not a feeling but many think it is. Emotion and passion of love can be felt for sure. If someone loves another, there are efforts to do everything to ensure that the recipient of the love continues to receive it. In order words, the giver of love decides to do all things possible to continue to extend goodwill to the object of love.

Why you try to advise, caution, inform, instruct, persuade, scold, chastise and take actions towards people you love may well be about wanting them to remain in your love. Anyway, this could be frustrating to those who do not see love as a permanent decision. There is a protective instinct in love. However, this taken too far appears or becomes controlling. Love is not control.

Love is a perpetual decision of goodwill regardless of the actions of the object of one’s love. However, the downside is that the one who loves allows the one whom they love to suffer when they stray from love, as love is like a shelter. This the tough part of love. Being loved is learned.

When you think that someone is giving too many advice, reminding you of rules and laws that can guarantee your wellbeing and being involved in you getting things right, they might love you deeply. People that wish you well wants you to act well and be well. Acting well doesn’t necessarily mean doing what they want but doing what should take you to a place of happiness and fulfilment. It’s not for them, it’s for you. In most cases, those that love you do not need you to love them back to be who they are. Yet, if you do not love them, you would hardly stay in their love, to your disadvantage. Thus, loving those who love us is the best way to balance the equation and keep the love flowing steadily towards us.

Those who love do not place a limit on the height you should grow;and they do not put boundary around the extent of your influence. But the problem is that the one who is loved may forget and act as if it was not the love and kindness of the one who loved, in the first place, that created the wellbeing enjoyed by the one who is loved.

It is such a good thing not to stray from love. When we stray from love, we need to go back. Not going back is banishment of oneself and an alienation of the source of the very thing that should support us. This is scarely but people do it and prefer to be wallowing instead of returning. There is nothing like true love. If there is, then there must be false love. Love is love. Yet, that which is not love can be mistaken to be love. The burden of love dwells with the one who loves because of the sacrifices involved in loving.

Yet, the beauty of love is the co-creation of it by the one who loves and the one who is loved. As love is a decision, both have communion and conversation that engender understanding so that the one who is loved will understand that it is of freewill that the one who loves wishes that the love continues to flow.

How to be loved is simply to extend the goodwill of the one who loves by becoming the best of their wishes. This starts by obeying the instructions and information of how to become the best of us. If we do, the one who loves will be delighted and loves more. If all things be in equilibrium and the cycle continues from obeying the rules of life, becoming the better of ourselves, discovering aligned and similar rules for ourselves and obeying them, and becoming better, then the love of the one who loves will continue to flow ceaselessly.

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