My new book ” Thinking, Knowing, Doing and Being” is out

Dear Readers,

With your encouragements, I have expanded most of the thoughts that I have been sharing and included more ideas in my new book.

I have ordered 3 copies for myself and I will give a copy to my friend as end of the year or Christmas gift. You can get copies at There is also a Kindle version.

I did not set out initially to write a book. I simply want to empower people through inspiration and power of novel thinking. I believe that many people can think and create things and solve most of their problems – but they are afraid to think and therefore lack confidence in their thoughts. Unfortunately, our life is a reflection of our thoughts. I was recently compelled to write this book so that I can expand and update most of the thoughts we have shared in The Questelligence Forum.

Get a copy for yourself and a copy for one of your loved ones this season.


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