The unexpected: a tribute to Mama Mercy Ogbonnaya.

by Chukwuma Ogbonnaya

If I am to be authentic, I would say that your passing was unexpected. Whenever I was with you, I usually imagined you when you will be over 100 years. Your laughter and teasing usually made me felt like a child even in my adulthood; so, I always fixed my mind on when you will become so old so that I can tease you too.

The circumstances of your passing was unexpected. If you were sick, all of us would have rallied round and stayed by your bedside to pray and encourage you to get well soon. So, the sudden passing at this time was unexpected.

Since our Dad, Mr Ogbonnaya Nwinyinya, your husband passed on, you have been the source of direction and inspiration for our family. Everyone looked at your disposition before acting. Thus, we see your passing as an assault on our family, an encroachment into our peace. An assault because it would have been better if it was an accident; it was a murder. An encroachment because we do have the capacity to respond in some ways, yet we chose restraints because you symbolised peace and love.

Shall the children  of a peaceful man or a loving woman rampage and destroy things equivalent to your life? Nay, your life is priceless and your uniqueness is matchless. We could not defend you because it was too late, it was unexpected. If it was a fixed fight, a planned challenge,  we would have done our best in your defence.

Now, what’s next, Mama? We will start by immortalising you in our hearts. You will remain evergreen in our hearts and we will remember your values of peace, love, accommodation and industry. We will forgive wrongs around your passing to help us heal quicker. We will look up to God, our maker and our redeemer.

Adieu Mama,
Adieu Afunanwu,
Adieu Mercy Ogbonnaya

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