If you are talented, creative or you think that you have special gifts, or unbelievable visions about yourself, career, business, community or nation, do this today. Get a book, pen and start writing, drawing and sketching the world you envision as it evolves.

I started The Questelligence blog as a reflective practice, it has proven very useful for me over the years. The best way to articulate ideas is to write them up. You gain insights by writing up your plans, ideas and life. I believe that writing is even therapeutic; there is something healing and liberating about writing. Not as a professional writer but as a way of life; a way of fine-tuning your emotions, decluttering your mind, examining the logic of your belief, empowering others through your ideas and creating powerful stories of future possibilities.

One of the reasons writing is powerful is that it stems from thinking. Thinking engages the mind at a deeper level. So, writing becomes the ultimate seperator of thoughts and worries; or even between wishful thinking and pragmatic planning.

I maintain this blog for my reflections and you can actually find something that might inspire you, help your business or organisation. I have set out a daunting task for myself to develope a new philosophy of questelligence and it might interest you if you are reading this. You can find previous articles below, but like and follow this blog as I release more contents focusing on the theoretical and practical applications of questelligence. Please see The law of attraction versus the law of recognition , The notion of time and the fluidity of the mind and Systematic thinking and cognitive costs

Let me know the article(s) that inspired you the most and why! I say this because the encouragements to continue writing about questelligence is due to an increased readership and feedbacks and your questions and feedback will be valuable in guiding the direction of future contents.

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