I am a STEM Ambassador with the Transpenine Group England and I enjoy teaching students Maths and Sciences. In particular, I appreciate an opportunity given to me by The Brilliant Club UK during my PhD to participate in their Scholars Programme and The Brilliant Tutoring Programme. By the way, I strongly recommend The Brilliant Club to any new PhD student in the UK.

Having said that, let me discuss one of the key points I raised during one of our tutorials on permutation and combination. We set out to verify the cognitive cost of not thinking systematically. This was done by trying to list permutations without a strategy. The lessons learned from the exercise are as follows:

1. Systematic thinking saves time and energy.

2. Systematic thinking helps one to troubleshoot errors in thinking when they occur.

3. Systematic thinking approach uses devices, paper and pen to document and store complex systems and processes that can confuse the brain.

4. Systematic thinking reduces mental stress, hard thinking and increases productivity through soft thinking.

Below is a sample of permutations listed systematically but I want us to connect this contribution to the Questelligence framework. Thus, feel free to reflect on the assignment that follows the example.

Can you create frames and stories based on your identified domains? Refer to previous articles for additional information on the concepts of Questelligence. ( see The notion of time and the fluidity of the mind and The law of attraction versus the law of recognition ).

Please share your experience on the comment section with readers after your reflections. It could help others to think more systematically and reduce their cognitive costs during thinking.


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