My mother told me a story sometime ago.

She said that a very wealthy man gave the son bible and money for transport as he plans to travel. The son was very angry because he knew that the father had so much wealth that he could spare but chose to give him a common bible.

He travelled and hid the bible inside his bag to avoid seeing it only to be reminded of his father’s wickedness. He lived all his days in the new city hating his father for being cruel and insensitive. But one day, when he was exhausted in hopelessness, he thought, “let me read the only book my wicked father gave me since that is the only thing I have left in this world”.

He searched for hours till he found it right under his rubbish-contained bag. He took it, dusted it and started opening the pages. He began to read stories that sounds familiar and began to reflect even deeper. All of a sudden, some papers fell off. He casually took them and began to read.

Shockingly, he found that the papers contained directions on how to access his father’s wealth. It also informed him that the father has willed a very large portion of his wealth to him. Finally, he found an undated cheque which he was to cash as soon as he got to his destination, 5 years ago.

On realising all these, he regretted all the days he lived hating the father. He was also shocked that he had access to such wealth all the while he was suffering.

My mum then added, ” the bible has solutions to issues of life if one can read, understand and do it”.

It’s been a long time she told me the story but I believe that this story will continue to be relevant. The bible is still the greatest gift I have received in my life.

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