Corruption is an “arrangement” in which the people that have control over prudential nuzzles refuse to close the nozzles through which the resources are wasting because the waste is pouring into their containers. This arrangement requires consistently looking at the wrong places for tools to repair the damage whilst the wastes continue. Also, people that should mobilise to block the waste are not motivated to act because they need to also fill their tankers, their friends’ and families’ reserviors when it gets to their turn. This makes corruption a culture and a living legend bcos it is being guarded with forces greater than that of US and Britain put together.

Corruption is everywhere but more perverse where there are no systems to monitor leakages of resources. In order words, technology is the first tool for fighting corruption. Technology imposes the new culture. The challenge still remains that it takes those in charge of the resources to incorporate technology as a tool for reducing the first known pandemic long before the outbreak of COVID-19.

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