Joseph’s brothers were certain that if, by any means, they lay hands on the coat of many colours that Jacob gave Joseph, the nuisance he propagates through his vision of his destiny would be over. Favour brings all manners of persecutions and hatred. Let’s face it!

But then, the grace is not in the dress. Portipher’s wife also believed that it is about the dress and seized his dress. The enemy is always desperate in accusing God’s people and painting them black but the grace is right deep down.

If it is about the dress, Joseph would not have found favour before Pharaoh’s Chief Prisoner wearing prison dress. Every device of the devil drives God’s own closer to their destiny. It looked like it was over when Jesus was crucified but the Church was being born.

As he was labouring on the cross, the Roman soldiers were busy sharing his dress. But it can never be in the dress.

We are hidden in Christ and Christ in God. Note this! There is nothing that can separate us from this love of God. Therefore, arise, shine for thy light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.

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