Since yesterday, I have been thinking, if I were to direct the storylines of the life of Abraham, Joseph, Jesus, etc. How would I have wanted the stories to go.

If I am scripting the life of Abraham and I have already promised him a child through Serah but was yet to make it manifest when he and the wife are well spent in body, I guess my story would be dead-ended. Also, if I somehow direct the story of Joseph into the prison, I know how difficult it would be to reconnect Joseph to the throne as a Prime Minister. Of course, immediately they killed Jesus if I am the one writing the story, I would be disappointed and drop the script as all hope for God to redeem man is lost.

As a writer and a research, let me tell you something deep and noteworthy. When you set out to write a story, the initial conception would dynamically change based on your characters and their characterisation. You have the freedom to make and unmake your characters but you often want it to be consistent so that the effects on the bigger picture would match your intents and purposes. As a researcher, a piece of information can change the direction of your research and may even cause you to discard a significant portion of your previous work.

So, in writing and research, you are led into unknowns and scenarios that are not obvious ab initio. So is our lives. When Grace is scripting our lives, there is no dead-ends. When God is the author of our lives, he finishes the script irrespective of tight corners we may perceive in our storylines. When God writes a story, he appends a miraculous turns in the story. When God writes your life, you are bound to be a unique masterpiece.

If you don’t believe me, what does it mean when the Bible say that the end of a matter is better than its beginning? How could God make Job to be far more better after being stripped off all that make life glorious. No wonder the bible says that Jesus humbled himself to face the shame on the cross because of the glory before him.

My duty this morning is simple. If you are a child of God and you feel that your story has been dead-ended, lookup and look ahead and see the glory before you. You are not looking ahead to see the battles ahead because you are expected to stand still to see the salvation of the Lord. You are to look ahead to see a glorious end because that is the kind of story the author and finisher of your faith writes.

Know it this day that the Lord God Almighty is with you and he has not finished with your story.


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