The Father has all glory, power and wisdom. His mind contains everything that was, is and is to come. When He wants to act, He acts through the Son. He carries out His will through the Son. The Son does exactly the mind of the Father because they have the same Spirit. So, the same Spirit in the Father is also in the Son.

By the Spirit, the Father expresses himself through the Son. Yet, all the three are absolutely unified and harmoniously one. Nothing made was made without the Son and everything that was made was made for Him by Him. In all things, the Son gives all the glory to the Father whose intent is to glorify the Son as well.

When we have the mind of Christ, we have the mind of the Son and indeed the divine nature. As the Spirit of the Father works in the Son to do the will of the Father, the same Spirit works in us to do the will of the Trinity. At that point where man synchs with the mind of Trinity, the scriptures called such men “gods”. For we must be offsprings first in order to be called sons.

God has granted the grace and power to all who would believe into God to become sons. For we acquire our sonship by adoption and our family as spiritual as it is divine. If you believe today that God bought you through the Son and that He sent the Spirit to bind you to the family of God, that settles it. He will then reveal to you the secret things of the kingdom that you do not know before you believed.


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