What if the theory of evolution is remodelled to imply evolution of the mind against the current model of evolution of the organism? The reason for this proposition is that I have been asked by a little boy when human beings will evolve into higher beings. He reasoned, if algae turned to trees and trees turned to animals and animals turns to humans, why has the tree in front of their house still stand as a tree or will their cat turn to a cow some day?

As I watched this little boy ask these sincere questions, I realised that it was through learning that the mind was able to formulate the theory of evolution (Charles Darwin) and of course other theories and laws. I also know that by learning and careful study and experiments with materials and forces of nature, human beings have created most unbelievable things for those who lived 2 million years ago. I can project even without caution that human beings will probably discover more things about the universe in 2 million years to come that would be magical for us living today.

Then, if in 2 million years to come, human beings then would have the capability to do unimaginable things, it could be that they have learned new ways of thinking and doing things in addition to discovering new materials and manufacturing technologies.

If it will be true that human beings will not change into other beings higher than human beings; but rather, they would have developed the Earth and probably have embassies in other planets, it follows that what evolves is the mind not the organism or the environment.

The applicability of the remodeling of the theory of evolution of the organism as “theory of evolution of the mind” is that it will empower human beings to evolve faster and make the planet and even the universe a better place. If humans understand that they can change things by their mind, then, the mind becomes the centrepiece of evolution not the body. Humans can remodel education, economics, politics, and other social constructs from the perspective of the well-being of the mind.

People can then have confidence that they can learn because every human being has the potential to evolve in their mind. Nations can sit down and construct their states through the apparatus of the mind not force. Citizens can enjoy the beauty and creativity of other minds.

I personally think that the little boy that asked me the question of when the organisms living today will evolve into higher organisms provoked me into thinking. May I provoke you to reflect on the fact that by learning, you can improve your mind and your environment. I recommend the proposition for further investigation and discussions. I want to see arguments for or against my proposition. I want to learn.

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