Your faith is the recipe for miracles. This explains why Jesus would always say “your faith has made you whole”. Apart from the man that begged Jesus to bypass his unbelief, most miracles were done for and in those who had faith.

Your faith rises when you can visually substantiate the promise and hope in the word. You must see and feel your miracles before they become reality. Call it calling those things that are not as though they were or see it as the substance of things hoped for, your faith is the medium of transformation of miracles.

Miracles are bridges that connect human gaps. Be it health gaps, financial gaps, family gaps, career gaps, business gaps. What miracles do is to transport you from where you are across to where you can see that you should be. But, our challenge is that we must cross, threading on an invisible bridge. It requires huge trust.

Trust is key in exercising faith. To belief, you must trust that what you believe is infallible and immutable. Such is the level of trust we must have in the word of God. Always say in your mind that He that promised is faithful. This faith must be absolute no matter its magnitude.

So, miracles are for those who believe by faith and trust that there is God faithful enough to grant their desires. Do you need a miracle? Have you faith? If yes, you have what it takes to provoke a miracle. If No, build your faith based on the word of God.

I pray that someone who dares believe God experience miracles this week. Amen.

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