God honours his word more than his name. His name often describes an aspect of him. For instance, Jehovah Jire, Jehovah Nissi, etc are not all encompassing of who He is. In most cases, people give God names based on how God has dealt with them. You can even give God a name. I know of people who named God “talknado God”. This means God who does what he says he will do. So, there could be as many names as those who worship God. In reality, calling the name of God does not automatically cause God to honour his name as people would practically manipulate God by calling him all sorts of names.

On the other hand, the word of God is backed by God’s integrity. Whatever God says becomes a reality waiting to happen, irrespective of the time it will take. God takes responsibility of his words to cause it to happen. He can raise men and women to realise it, he can perform miracles if need be, he can make ways where there seems to be no way. Overall, what God says He will do, He will do.

Today, we need to understand that God is faithful. Whosoever trust in him wholeheartedly will never be put to shame. He cares for those who come to him through the salvation of their soul by Christ. When we acknowledge the almightiness of God, we need not fear tomorrow as God has our future in his hands. Who then can snatch from the hand of God?

Beyond names of God, we need to focus on his word. We need to key into his promises. We must find ourselves in the scriptures and walk in our predestination. We are the children of God through adoption and we need to enjoy the wealth and well-being of the Godhead.

May the Holy Spirit work out a clearer understanding of the essence and the power in the word of God. By so doing, we will know that the promise of God still stands regardless of what we feel at times or pass through on daily basis.

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