The Holy Spirit gives you what you need in abundance

I study myself as a scientist would study specimens; I am awed by my experiences. As a believer in the Trinity, I take Holy Spirit as God indwelling me. So, I listen for how He would interpret the Word from the perspective of the Father.

I have had series of experiences that led me to reach a conclusion that “the Holy Spirit doesn’t just give us what we already have, He gives us what we need in abundance”. This is profound if you take a minute to reflect on it.

There is a clear difference between what we want and what we need. In most circumstances, we gravitate towards wants because they are trendy or because it will make us feel somewhat good and satisfied. However, it is only needs that can continuously sustain us and keep us on the track of destiny.

Another dimension of Holy Spirit supplying our needs has to do with the details with which he knows our need. We often think that God is probably interested in few superficial things about us. My dear, God is interested in every detail of our life and He wants to reveal His glory in the finest details if we let him take up the design of our life.

How do we do that? Surrendering all to Jesus! This means, shaping our life with the word of God and following the leading of the Holy Spirit. This requires continuous attention to hear what the Lord would have us do. Acting on the word from God is a sure way of being on God’s side. This is crucial because we need to be on God’s side just as we ask God to be on our side. May we receive His grace to do His words.

So, in following the leading of the Holy Spirit, we must drop our own interpretation and allow Him to interpret our life and experiences within the context of our predestination. By so doing, we will be on track and finish the race placed before us in accordance with God’s standards of Mercy and grace.

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