I fear God so much because of personal experiences and encounters. I am also certain that if anyone say, God show me yourself, even you, He will appear. The only challenge to some people may be recognizing Him when He moves. Generally, understanding the move of God is a spiritual matter decernible in the spirit and observable in the physical. We cannot use physical models to interpret spiritual variables. Physical models explain physical variables; spiritual models explain spiritual variables. A good place to look for physical models are scientific models; while spiritual models are richly contained in the parables of Jesus Christ.

God moved yesterday evening in my life and I saw Him. For those who want to see God, He moves faster than the speed of light. But he leaves His imprints whenever He moves. Let me tell you the imprints He left yesterday to announce His move in my life.

I was cooking with a steel pot with glass cover coupled with a bolt and screw. I was preparing stew in it; and was preparing rice in a different pot. I covered the steel pot and focussed on the rice. I wanted to open the pot of stew; but there was no handle anymore. I wondered where the handle was. I looked and saw it on the table. I was amazed how the handle and one of the bolts were now on the table. I remembered that I covered it and the pot was still covered at that material time. Again, I knew that the handle didn’t detach while I was opening the pot; I just observed that the cover was on whilst the handle and a bolt were on the table.

I haven’t, before then taken cognizance of how the cover was joined. I started looking for other parts; and I saw another bolt on the table. I imagined if there could be other parts that may have possibly fallen into the stew. I was concerned because of the risk of swallowing metal and contemplated throwing away the entire pot of stew for health and safety reasons. I then tried to assemble the parts first in order to infer if some parts are in the stew; and was able to join the (1) cover (2) handle (3) male screw and (4) female bolt positioned under the cover. Immediatly I coupled all the parts and I tightened them, I wondered on the physics of what happened. After analysing the physics, I then realised that God just moved and I became so afraid and was awed by His presence.

Let me share the physics of how it was naturally impossible for all the components of the cover of the pot to be scattered without none inside the stew.

  1. The last memory I had was that I covered the pot. Then, I wanted to open the pot and there was no handle anymore. So, the female component under the cover should have obeyed gravity by falling into the stew but I found it on the table. This was the major source of risk of introducing metal into the stew from risk assessment perspective.
  2. Since the handle has potential energy as a function of it’s mass, gravitational constant and height of the pot, I should have heard the sound when it was falling since energy must be conserved from potential to sound energy from the impact on the table. Rather, what happened was that I wanted to open the pot, but found the handle on the table.
  3. The thermal energy content and the design that allows the cover to pressurise steam caused me to shake the handleless glass cover while looking for all the components. At that point, I had no idea how many components they were. Even if the female bolt was somewhat gummed under the cover, the forces applied while trying to open the hot cover without a handle should have detached the screw, and caused it to fall into the stew. I cannot explain finding the female bolt on the table based on time-space models. I mean, at what exact time and trajectory of motion could the bolt, supposed to be under the cover, found itself on the table?

This is not actually the first time I have seen God move in my life or around me. However, the fear that grips me when He moves is always overwhelming. This is because God’s moves are always, not most of the times, miraculous. Whenever God moves on earth, miracles happen. God has demonstrated his protective power by not allowing me to swallow steel bolt unbeknownst by altering chains of actions that could lead to that. God will also intervene in your case today howbeit hopeless.

Can I say these? That arrow shot at you by the enemy is diverted and destroyed by the power of God (the Rhema). The mighty hand of God that is able to save , protect and preserve would save you from traps of the enemy and you will escape from the snare of the fowler. Miracles untold would happen in inexplicable ways in your life. God will do supernatural things without physical explanations. The Eternal God will be your God and saviour. You will be His and His alone.

Glory and praise to God! Every blessing He pours out on us turns back to praise. Hence, I praise the Elohim, the One who was, is and is to come.

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