Taste or test and see

God likes people that are sincere. Thomas didn’t really know what to believe but he had an idea of how he can be convinced. He wanted to be sure because he didn’t want to be deceived.

I do not know if you do not want anyone to deceive you in the name of Jesus Christ. Believe me, Jesus loves you if you are like that. But, here is what Jesus told Thomas, (see John 20:29), “… because thou hast seen me, thou has believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed”. This statement is very profound because it is the basis of spirituality.

The world said that “seeing is believing” but Jesus said that ” believing is seeing”. I do not know if you have doubted the power of God to change your life or circumstance. I dare you to believe God today and see his glory as long as your believe is rooted in the word of God.

I can testify that the scriptures are infallible. Can we, with deep sense of humility, tell the Holy Spirit to explain what the scriptures truly mean whenever we do not understand. We can only know God when we surrender absolutely.

Here is what you can do today. Find a Church close to you and attend service today. Be open and pay attention as if you want to hear a particular sentence or a word. The sentence or word may be in songs, preaching, Sunday school or a mere conversation. When you hear that word or sentence that stands out; it must be one sentence or word, go on to meditate on it and watch it expand as the Holy Spirit substantiate it.

Email me your outstanding sentence or word in today’s service; and I will be glad to share from it.

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