Foolish Christians attack the Nigerian church; wise ones celebrate her wealth.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). I chose to write this blog to enlighten some Christians, who out of ignorance, have joined unbelievers to attack the Church in Nigeria. No doubt, the Church in Nigeria is one of the wealthiest in the world today and I am very happy for it. But, she is not just the wealthiest but also the most active in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ at the moment; that also makes me even happier. The Nigerian Church, be it RCCG, Winners, MFM, Deeper life, Christ Embassy, etc are scattered across the globe winning souls for Christ. This should ordinarily not make the devil happy; it should actually be a source of concern to him. So, responding, the devil has recently launched attacks on the Nigerian Church; but my concern is not the attack in itself as it is expected, it is about the Christians who make themselves tools and agents for the attacks, howbeit inadvertently. Let’s look at some of the shots being fired at the Nigerian Church so that we can interrogate them.

Daddy Freeze got quite popular sometime ago and he is still popular for speaking against tithes and offerings. I took time to watch series of videos and interviews he granted; and at the end of my viewing, I concluded that he is not a serious person even though what he said resonates with many people. Immediately Daddy Freeze said that he runs Church on Twitter, I didn’t know when I started laughing. Church, as an organization, is not a club, she is a living body (organism), a spiritual body, and that is why she has survived brutal periods for over 2000 years. Today, God is promoting his Church globally from Nigeria just as He has always joined with Africa at critical moments in history. My take on giving of any kind is that Christians should give as much as they can give without complaining and murmuring for the promotion of the gospel of Christ (it is that simple, that’s what I do). We must not be naive to think that delivering the gospel is free even though the gospel is free. As Christians, Jesus is not just our saviour but also Lord (He owns us and all we have, if we understand the meaning of Lord); so, He can use our resources to advance the cause of the kingdom and we should be joyous that we are chosen for such an honour.

Some said that the Nigerian Church is a business. That is true my dear, and any serious minded person must come to terms with the reality of the gospel business. Jesus himself called it His father’s “business” ( Luke 2:49); so, why should we be naive or compromising about that; or continue to live in denial instead of prospering our Father’s business. The gospel business is about meeting the mission and vision statement of Jesus as contained in Luke 4:18 ( “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach to the captives, and the recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord”). The mission flows from God to Christ to the Church; and Christ empowered the Church to execute this kingdom mandate in Matthew 28:19-20: “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the the world. Amen”. Indeed, the gospel of Christ has prospered in the hands of the Nigerian Servants and I pray for much more prosperity ahead to the humiliation of the devil. Let me tell you why I am praying for more prosperity for not just the Nigerian Church but the Church everywhere across the globe.

Pay attention to Deuteronomy 8:18: “But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth, that He may establish his covenant which He swore unto thy fathers, as it is this day”. Please agree that lack of wealth or poverty is the sure pathway to not establishing God’s covenant in your life, in your family, community, nation and also in the Church. The power to get wealth belongs to God and he gives it to those whom He has empowered to establish his covenant. I will never forget the day the Holy Spirit defined wealth for me as I was wondering why one man was so wealthy: “He simply told me that wealth is trust”. God gives people wealth to further causes that would benefit His Children; not just Christians but humanity because God so loved the world (John 3:16). Your wealth is proportional to your global capacity influence index (your ability to create what will add value to people across the globe from where you are). You will be shocked if I say that God would prefer to enrich an unbeliever whose heart is right to see wealth as trust than a believer who sees wealth as his/her entitlement. Wealth is not just cash; it is a chain of values and influences in the world system. I pity Christians who do not understand that using their gifts/talents (Matthew 25:14-30) would increase their wealth. Be sincere, is it not most of those who are volunteering their money, time, energy, etc in your local Church and community, that are the most likely favoured. Let me share the greatest secrets you may probably come across in your life. “BUT HE THAT IS GREATEST AMONG YOU SHALL BE YOUR SERVANT”, Jesus enacted (Matthew 23:11). The secret of greatness is making your life a sacrifice of service in this world. This applies to the secular world; the greatest companies today SERVE humanity most (Eg. Google). Ignorance is a stronghold that have limited many Christians from prospering to the extent that they could become blessings to their community, nation and the world: be delivered in Jesus name, if that has been your state.

In 500 years to come, the Universities established through the vision given to Bishop Oyedepo will be waxing strong, what will remain of the complaining Christians in the next 100 years? All of us must not be Oyedepo but I say this to point us to the fact that we must live our lives for eternal values; we must teach our generation and future generations the difference between greatness and mediocre. We must join forces to build the kingdom and kingdom systems that would continue to meet the mandate of God billion years to come; if Christ tallies. The world is not about us, it is about fulfilling purpose and leaving the stage.

God cannot ask the Church to go into all the nations with bicycle; He would give them private jet. Even you would give your workers appropriate tools for the demand of any work. God would not ask them to use knowledge to advance the kingdom and He will give them dysfunctional universities and schools; he would give them world-class institutions so that the children of the kingdom can compete with their global peers. Poverty is the worst disease a man can suffer; it is a mindset disease and it constantly pulls everything down to poverty level. Poverty level is a level where suffering, penury and lowliness are convenient norms. Abundance or abundance mentality is a taboo to those inflicted with poverty mindset disease (PMD). Many Nigerian Christians believe that poverty is normal and the Church should be poor since the society is poor; this is the lie of the devil. Nigerians are supposed to be among the wealthiest people on earth; that is a topic for another day. How then will the Church which is born divine distinguish herself from the world if she is as poor as the world? Poverty of the soul is even more dangerous because a soul that is poor is envious for no reason; or merely because it cannot reach the heights of the blessed. This explains why “thou shall not covet” is among the 10 commandments because God wants to insulate us from the hurts of other people’s success.

Recently, my eyes opened about the wicked spirit in Nigeria. The operation of this spirit is to destroy every success/good thing and bring it to ruin. This is what is holding Nigeria down from exploding in wealth and influence among comity of nations. As an aside, in some parts of Nigeria, people will not relate well with anyone perceived to be wealthy because it is assumed that the person must have done something evil to make “excess” money. Even in work places, any worker that tend to succeed is a target for sabotage. The pull down spirit (wicked) is everywhere in Nigeria; that is why Nigeria as a society is down. Therefore, it is still the same wicked spirit that operates in Nigeria that pushes that the Church be brought down to the normal poverty-stricken, weak and sterile body. God forbid!

My friend, pray seriously against PMD if you have been afflicted by it; stop spreading message of poverty and denying the longing for the good things of life. This is not an insult as I am always blunt with the truth. Let me tell you the truth ; I prayed that prayer years ago when Ebonyi State government paid £19,400 for one-year Masters programme for me in the UK. Even though I didn’t pay, I didn’t recover from seeing such amount paid for a year programme; and I was always complaining and changing the amount to Naira. When I realised the error, I prayed till God delivered me from poverty mentality and helped me step into abundance metality. Poverty mentality makes people complain that others are enjoying more than others as if they were the supplier of what those persons are enjoying. Poverty makes people believe in scarcity and competition; since they must grab what is left or available! PMD robs people of enjoying their own moments as they are preoccupied with other people’s moments.

Let me say this, to be truly great in life, quickly drop poverty mindset and takeup abundance mindset. If one has abundance mindset, it will be easier to understand that abundance is a vision of life. Whatever we must be or experience in life must be conceived and nurtured in our mind, soul and spirit. A poor mind conceives mediocre while an abundance mind conceives greatness. Anyone who doesn’t understand that there must be integrity between what they believe, say and do for them to achieve their dreams would not achieve anything of significance. Look around, see how people think and do life, you can tell those with abundance mindset and those with poverty mindset.

The Church like the Jews must grow in wealth and influence, unapologetically, if the Church must continue to fulfil her mandate on earth. I am even surprised that most Christians who complain about the wealth of the Church do not also complain about the poverty of the Church in many locations. How many times do we as Christians give helping hands to our poor pastors/priests laboring in the villages or in our neighborhood? Do our complaining Christians pay school fees for the children, and house rents of poor servants of God in their neighbourhood. If we complain about the opulence of the wealthy ones, have we taken actions of kindness towards the poverty of others; or we want all of them to be poor and helpless?

What is actually the motive behind all these attacks? Like Judas, they would prefer to advise that the private jets used for reaching nations be sold to care for the poor (Mark 14:3-7). Jesus categorically stated that the poor will always exist in this world and the scriptures can not be broken. Poor people are products of misgovernance.

Dear wise Christian, do not reduce the kingdom of God to monetary transactions. We must have a global kingdom mindset. We must see how our private life, family and career feed into the grand plan of the kingdom of God. That is why I have taken out time to write this and I hope you will share it and make it go viral in order to shut up the devil of poverty; for Christians are the blessed of the Lord, if we know that. Check the teachings of Dr. Myles Munroe on the “Kingdom of God” on YouTube. Christians are the forces of good that have not allowed the fibre of the societies to descend into utter darkness. We live in an anti-God and anti-Christ times but we must be counted among the remnants. We must understand the systems of this world and how the gospel must be a beacon of light in our generation and beyond. The Church is not just your denomination, do not join foolish Christians to fight other denominations of the Church; or look the other way when people utter ignorance about the Church. Let me give the Nigerian Christians a serious warning and it is prophetic. “To kill a dog, you must first give it a bad name; if we allow the Nigerian Church to be labelled wrongly, we have inadvertently allowed future attacks by unbelievers and potential government legislations against the Church”. Note that I used Church not Churches in this post; the Church is one, the bride of Christ. Indeed, where we lack knowledge, we must seek wisdom. We must not be part of the forces against the Church at a time we should be strengthening the hand of the Church. Seek to understand the strategic imperatives of the end time Church and the role of the Nigerian Church; it is more than bread and butter or complaints about tithes, offerings, jets and big Church buildings. How much do you contribute to Church and Church missions? If you can’t give in forms of tithes and offerings, are you giving in other forms; as giving should be a personal commitment to God; or you are merely serving a God you are not committed to? Your personally-agreed, mutually-defined commitments to God are the sources of all physical and spiritual blessings; the secret things of God are for those that fear him; God certainly reveals secrets (Daniel 2:28).

Christianity has a symbol of cross and we must understand that it takes scarifices of all sorts to spread the gospel; it took sacrifices to come to us as well. Have you been praying for the servants of God or you have been busy reposting spams composed by propagandists against the Church via social media; think deeply about what you are actually promoting. Can you repost, share, tag and spread this post to tell Christians and the Nigerian Church to keep prospering!!! My assurance after all is that the gate of hell cannot prevail against the Church.

A word is enough for the wise; do not join those who advance any form of attack against any denomination of the Church in Nigeria; instead pray for the Church and do not forget to pray for the power to get wealth; without that, you may find it hard to realise your dreams and that of your generations. Yet, if you ask, seek and knock, God will reveal the secrets of the kingdom to you. It is not tithes and offerings that made the Nigerian Church influencial and wealthy, it is revealed secrets of the kingdom. The secrets of the kingdom are for all who believe in the kingdom business; poverty minded people cannot further the agenda of the end time Church. Just forget about a poor Church in this century because God has raised the standard to ensure that the kingdom of darkness does not overwhelm the kingdom of God. Yet, to all who believes, all that diligently seek him, shall find him and see his glory.

Feel free to share this message via all channels to enlighten more self-harming Christians; who have been spreading ignorance of poverty instead of the necessity of abundance needed by the end time Church.

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