Faith that makes sense is not faith

Faith is being sure of what you are not supposed to be sure of based on no reason other than the word of God. So, you can imagine why it is tough to have faith. Jesus told Thomas that “blessed are those who believe without seeing”. This is the exact opposite of how we train our brain in the modern times; in fact it is often said that “seeing is believing”.

Therein is the problem. If Jesus stated that blessed are those that believe without seeing, it means that many are missing their blessings because they want to see before believing as recommended by the world. Faith is a substance of thing hoped for, yet sufficient as an evidence of things that cannot be seen (Hebrews 11). The point is that faith that makes sense is not faith.

If you can explain your faith from the beginning to the end, then what you have is a plan not faith. Faith has to do with believing that you can move from point A to B without knowing the means, yet convinced that you will get there by God’s grace. Point A to point B varies for each person. For one, it might be moving from penury to abundance; it might be moving from low self-esteem, rejection and depression to eternal joy; it be moving from sickness to health, and so on.

If you can look back on what you call faith and you are not amazed by how unrelated events, people, time and things worked together for your good to bring you that which you had hoped for, then what happened was a chance or at best a coincidence; and not faith. Whenever you remember an act of faith in your life, you must marvel at the excellency of God.

Faith is fundamental to entering into our rest. The children of Isreal could not enter into their rest because of unbelief; if we are still struggling to get things done by our power, then we are not applying faith yet. Faith is like walking into the theatre, submitting your life and future in the hand of a Doctor and counting on his expertise. Unfortunately, we walk with God and still wrestle with Him in the theater of operations of our life. Anyone without faith would not understand instructions such as “stand still and see the salvation of the Lord” or ” the battle is of the Lord, you will not need to fight”. We waste our energy, time and resources because we do not have faith. If we truly “cast ALL our cares on him, what then is wearing us down?”. We wouldn’t want to cast ALL because of unbelief that he might not take care of all; that is how we refuse to enter into our prepared rest. When we struggle in any aspect of our life, is it possible that we can step back as ask if we believe that Jesus can take care of that aspect that cause us to worry? If we identify the source, cast it on Jesus, then we will have peace that passeth all understanding!

Lastly, faith is what we need currently to live happily in this depressing world. Faith doesn’t allow it’s carriers to sink; it is a life jacket. Faith gives intensity and direction because it keeps matching the physical with the spiritual images. Faith is what you need to turn around things. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. We see the glory of God when we believe; it takes faith to believe. So, faith doesn’t need to make sense as long as it is built upon the infallible word of God. Faith is vivid in the mind of the carrier not observers. So, do not be discouraged if people laugh at your faith; your faith is for you not for others. With time, those who wondered what you meant would marvel at the exploits of your faith. Shalom!

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