Books Oh books, how I love you books! My greatest possession today are books. Do not doubt this because it is true. I will tell a story, another day, of how other material possessions apart from materials that can cause your mind to evolve in thinking are mere pursuit after costumes; which can easily be replaced in space and time.

You see, as a young person, when you start reading books, you may not understand the enormity of your actions until later years. Also, as an adult, everything may not come together in life until you understand by books. Why books? Books are years of experiences of people, great and small, diverse in nature, precipitated for your consumption. We should indeed be grateful to those who write books because it requires a great deal of energy, time, personal sacrifices and resources.

Today, I want to briefly highlight two books that changed my life forever. Let me start by providing the links in case you would want to buy them via the link below.

  1. Letting go :
  2. Effective Personal Financial Management through ELF Model:

Why did I posit that the books changed my life forever? It is because the books shaped my finance and relationships for good. When you read the books, you may probably start discovering the inherent interrelationships between finance, courtship, marriage and personal fulfilment.

This is what we will do, buy the books and read and let me know what your opinions are on the books. My proposition is that they would probably change your life like mine. Find out and email me afterwards!


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