This contribution will be short. My aim is to attempt to help people understand that the most powerful machine on earth today is the mind; and to show how its use shapes the world (individual and global).

Think of the mind as a supercomputer with hardware and software; think of yourself, others and the environment as programmers of your mind. At birth, everyone comes with empty memory ready to be programmed by parents, teachers, society and environment. So, what each person becomes over time is a function of programmes implemented in their mind.

Computing process works thus : input – processessing-output. This is an equivalence of how human mind works. We receive stimulus through our senses (eyes, ears, skin, tongue, nose, self-conscious, spirit-conscious); and we process them based on hard-wired programmes in our mind ( this compose of beliefs, experiences, learning, etc); then, we exhibit outputs in form of actions, inactions or behaviours. Since everyone has a mind, let me focus on how the programming determines our ultimate destiny; because programming is where the power of the mind is developed.

Permit me to share an experience so that you can engage with my explanation. Iteration is the number of times you command a computer to perform a set of command on a model. A model is a representation of physical system or process in drawing, equations, etc. One day, I created a computer model and started increasing the number of iteration from 10, 100, 1000, 1m, 10m and all of a sudden, the computer took so long to iterate the model; I waited but it did not complete; I attempted to terminate the process, but I could not. I had to shotdown the system and restarted it.

You may wonder how this story is related to mind machine and subconscious processing of our mind model. Basically, human mind model processes input iteratively if left uninterrupted. In particular, note that we process all information based on our mind model and our mind model is who we are. This reflects that, as a man thinketh, so is he (Proverbs 23:7). A person’s thinking is the person. Thinking is done using mind model. Model is created, as I stated earlier, based on beliefs, experiences and learning. The iteration of what we receive through our senses determines how we feel, perceive life and engage with it.

Note, if a person’s mind model is negative, I am afraid the mind will still implement the programme! Take these two equations to represent mind models: (1) y = 2x and (2) y = -2x; where x must be positive. For every input into Eq(1), it multiplies it by 2 to produce a positive output; however, for the same input, Eq (2) multiplies it by -2, to produce equal but opposite of the result in Eq(1). Eq(1) represent people with positive mind model who make out positive experience from events (stimulus); while Eq(2) indicates the opposite. One may say, but life throws negative integers at us at times; my reply is that we can still write our model to factor out the sign or programme it to output absolute values. People with this type of advanced mind model focuses on the lessons they can pick from both positive and negative experiences in life. Ideally, that we face negative experiences is not sufficient to stop us from living and moving on with life. Although the reality is that life throws up both positives and negatives, but the focus should be on how we process them.

Apostle Paul admonished in Philippians 4:8 that we should think on things that are true, honest, pure, lovely and of good report; these are personal programming that influences our mind model. As already illustrated in the equations, two persons can experience the same thing but interpret them differently, why? It is because they have different mind models. This is critical in selecting friends, partners and associates. There are some people you form rapport with almost instantly when you meet them because of mind model similarity; but there are also people you knew within few minutes with them that you may not work with them.

Every person carries his or her mind model around. So, people think spontaneously to act or not to act; since we must think when we receive stimulus. Two things stand out therefore. First, we need to create a mind model that can process all stimulus to our benefit since how we feel, hope, aspire, persevere depend more on how we process received information than what information/stimulus we received.

Secondly, we must cross-check our outputs (words, actions, behaviours, body language, etc) to ensure that they reflect validated mind model we wanted. Validation may probably be done with Philippians 4:8. That is asking questions such as: is this true, pure, lovely, praise-worthy, etc? With this, we will be in control of our mind and actions regardless of what others do and what happens in our environments.

In a world that social media, internet, people, society and human systems are becoming so inimical to sound minds, building resilience in life so that one’s destiny can be realised becomes essential. To do this, it is important to reflect on this proposition that the mind is like a machine, a computer which works with input-processing-output. Building our mind model based on the word of God is certainly the most robust, sustainable and reliable and is therefore highly recommended. The Bible contains the ingredients to build mind model that can accept all life experiences and produce a colourful output. This is why Christians who live the word are always hopeful and joyous regardless any situation. You can be the person if you make God’s words the ingredients of your mind model.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me. You can share with family and friends to increase their resilience.

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