Understanding the personhood of Jesus Christ could be life changing. The title captures two deep essence of Jesus to me and you.

Let’s briefly look at the two components: Fullness of grace and power of love. First, fullness of grace indicates a total emptying of God the Father into Jesus; such that Jesus was a perfect image and likeness of the Father. As believers in Jesus Christ, taking the steps of Christ who is God made manifest in fresh is the same as living like the children of God. Jesus is a perfect example of what sons of God look like. So, Christ in us means grace in us and we are empowered like Christ when we believe into Christ.

The other component of the topic is power of love. This is deep! The power of the love of God is expressed in God coming in form of man to redeem man, particularly when the laws could not straighten man. There is no greater love than a man laying down his life for his friends. So, Jesus died in our place so that the penalty of sin might be paid fully and finally.

No matter what your past may be, if you confess Christ and repent, the power of his love will flow to you. It is important that we understand that we can not correct the nature of sin in us; yet, the blood of Christ that speaketh better things than the blood of Abel is available to all that yield to the pulling of God’s love.

So, the fullness of his grace and the power of his love are two themes that are worth reflecting upon today because they touch who we are and who God is to us.

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