Social media age has shown how events swing people’s happiness. The truth is that being happy has something to do with decision making. Those who have mastered being happy regardless any circumstance know that decision making is important in being happy.

Never permit happenings to determine your happiness. Being happy notwithstanding is an attitude, a choice. To put it more explicitly, decide to be happy and you will be happy. Attachment to the material world could be heartbreaking; a good strategy to be happy is to place little value on the systems of this world. Anyone that hopes so much on the systems of this world will never be happy.

Jesus said, “do not worry, let tomorrow worry for itself”. He also said, ” cast all your cares on me for I careth”. We must hand over our concerns to God and be the children of God we should be. When we play adults of God, we tend to belabour ourselves, get exhausted and end up stressed out; how can such a person be ever happy. You can see that happiness comes when WE DECIDE TO HAND OVER OUR CARES TO THE ONE WHO CARES AND HOLDS TOMORROW after doing our best.

Therefore, we need to trust in the Lord and lean not on our understanding. When we do so, the HolyGhost would teach us how to be happy and persevere amidst chaotic world, even as our soul prospereth.

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