We are gifted but the world has conditioned each of us to believe that we are not good enough. I read, a long time ago, that the genius of this world such as Einstein, Newton, Beethoven, Michael Angelo, etc barely used less than 10% of their full talent. This is stagaring because each human being is endowed by nature but configured by nurture.

It is just very few who dare to challenge their nurture, to reach deep within them to unearth the endowment of God within. This takes knowing God, your creator; and studying yourself, the product in a very deep details.

What would you do if I am able to convince you today that you have not less than 5 talents and skills that you can develop that would help you standout and endear you to others. The greatest secret of greatness is service; to serve others requires having a gift or skill needed by others. So, identifying one’s natural gift or developing key skills becomes crucial success factor in making impact on your world.

Here is what I want you to do. Take a book, write out 5 talents/skills you have come to believe that you are blessed with. Take the remaining part of 2019 to develop them. At the end, narrow it down to 2 talents. You can add more after perfecting the use of those two. Note, how to develop your talent is by using it. It is when you use it that you can assess whether it is natural or you are forcing it. If you are passionate about a talent and you are finding it difficult to perfect it, stick to it and keep working on such talent until you have a breakthrough. Such talent, when perfected, usually have the greatest impact.

As you work on your talents, don’t focus on popularity; focus on service and learning. This is because people would favour you, pay you and you will be popular within your circle of influence when you have perfected your art, skills or talent. In raw form, talent is valueless; just like gold is valueless in raw form. You should not be discouraged by the experiences in your process of refining.

Today, you must fire with your 4 CYLINDERS. This means that you have to activate a desperate search within you for the talent that the world would know you by. Reach deep down you and pick your tools that would shape your future. These are already there. Wait no longer, use them and increase them. If you have found your talents, intensify their usage. May you receive wisdom on how to make your talents profitable; and the insights on how to apply them to appear before Kings and not mere men.

Send me an email with your list of talents and skills; I will ask you few questions that can inspire you as you develop them. I wish you the best as you work on your new world of possibilities.

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