The name Jesus

Teaching from morning till evening, I was exhausted but I must teach the last set. I stood before the class talking; suddenly, I felt dizzy. I walked to the board and wrote as I whispered JESUS. I was instantly reinvigorated. That was the first day I knew that there is power in the name – Jesus.

I do not know if you are in any kind of circumstance that is beyond you. Can you whisper, call or shout his name – Jesus!!!!!

There is no name above the name Jesus. Demons tremble, kness bow and tongues confess that Jesus is Lord if you say the name Jesus. The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and they are saved.

You must understand that the Lord has been waiting for your invitation as He is not an intruder. Can you believe so that you can enter into your rest and seize from your labour. Just call the name Jesus and things will turn around for good.

Believe for you to see the glory of God. Now call the name Jesus; intentionally for that circumstance and the Lord of Hosts will take over!

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