Love is the greatest; because we still talk about it, sing of it, write about it, wish for it and feel it. Yet, we can’t really pin down what love truly is. The epiphany of love is my story of how I became aware of what love is.

In 2014, I did a private research on Science and Christianity; I went very deep into it, very deep. That should be a story for another day; but here is the thing I discovered that is relevant for this topic. It is a scientific theory called SINGULARITY.

Before I came across singularity, I had already started noticing that scientific theories appeared to be reconstructions of biblical enigma. So, by the time I came across singularity, I quickly spotted the doctrine of TRINITY in Christianity. There is a theory called: ” God Almighty Grand Unified theory – theory of everything”. That also fascinated me.

To be candid with you, I had an open mind; as a Christian and a Scientist, I was neutral. I left them to convince me with their evidences. One night, I was asleep and felt and urge to wake and continue my ongoing research on Science and Christianity. I came across a passage in the Bible that blew my mind; it was the source of my epiphany of God, of science, of humanity and of love. Here is it:

“He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love” 1 John 4:8.

At this point, I had a little knowledge of epistemology; the branch of philosophy that deals with knowledge. So, this passage states that knowing God is possible when we love. As I was recovering, I saw : ” God is love. I restated it using the law of equality; “God is love = love is God”. I then heard the voice of the Holy Spirit ask me a question, saying: ” how many times will you count five to become seven”? After reflecting on the question, I answered; it cannot be done. He then said, ” so it is impossible to understand God who is Spirit with imperical models”.

He further explained, ” scientific empiricism accept what the five senses can know, how do human measure self consciousness and God consciousness?”. I then realized that the last two can not be measured with the five senses of sight, taste, hearing, feeling, smelling. So, this was why He posed the question of counting five to become seven; a subtle signal that I was using the wrong framework for what I was studying.

Science cannot use empirical models to disprove the spiritual; but the spirit can help one create emprical models to do science and enquiry. I realized that there should not be conflict between God and Science. Science is discovering what God created; and careful scientist are more likely to mimic God’s imprint on creation.

We do not know what we do not know. If we do not know God; we do not know God, and if we do not know love, we do not know love. But, the above scripture means that if we love; we know God. This is because love flows from God because God is love himself.

When I understood this passage, it revolutionised my mind. It cast new light on all I have known and caused them to bear new meanings. Containing love is God being in us. The love of Christ is when we love sacrificially. So, one way to predict if a man or a woman would love you is to assess his or her love for God. Any person that truly love God would love you. I didn’t say pretend to love, watch how they treat others, not just you.

So, love is what binds everything together! Science without love leads to disaster. One who loves cannot main others. One who loves , loves strangers because they’re human, created in God’s image and likeness. Loving brings happiness, joy and harmony. Love is transcendental. Love is so deep, wide and high that it eludes measurement. Love is the greatest. Love is God; and God is love.

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