Recently, individual differences became real to me; it was theoritical before but it is now real to me. There is a temptation of assuming that what we know should be known by others, or put more broadly, that our experiences are universal.

For instance, if you like solving Maths like me; you would always wonder why those scared of Maths have not been able to spot that Maths is the simplest subject on earth. Herein is the problem; assuming that others should know or be.

It is, therefore, our ability to understand that people we meet come from diverse backgrounds; and that their backgrounds and experiences have contributed in shaping who they are, that makes it easier to implement respect for individual differences in our daily interactions with people.

Beneath the principle of individual differences lie the principle of individual uniqueness. Because everyone came from different backgrounds, they came with diverse experiences. Those experiences brings diversity into idea bank when they are contributed.

So, we should give people a chance to express their experiences based on where they are coming from. In so doing, we discover that everyone is unique and valuable. This is the centre of this piece. To let you know that you are valuable, if you do not know yet. I mean this please.

No other person can be you, so you are unique and matter. Go ahead and be a blessing to people around you and add values to the lives you come across on your daily activities. More importantly, give people a chance to add value to your life. To do this, you must value them and not conform them; rather, look for their unique aspects and appreciate it.

Send me an email and tell me what is unique about you. Also, send me an email if you think that there is nothing unique about you; and I would prove you wrong.

2 thoughts on “YOU ARE VALUABLE!!!

  1. Dr. I believe you know something about me that’s unique so I leave it for you to tell me as my referee. Congratulations I wish you much more grace

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    1. Smiles!!! I have never met a dedicated drummer like you. I can tell you that carrying forward such dedication into all your endeavours would bring you before great people. I say this based on the passages: “the gift of a man make the way for him” and “seeth thou a man diligent in his business…”


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