A life without hope lacks motivation for persistence, and it gravitates towards despair. But see that life that is full of hope, even when in despair comes, as they often do in real life; such life waits till breakthrough comes.

You must not give up hope no matter what; keep your gaze at the emerging light at distant horizon. That is how faith support hope. A hopeless person has no faith. Faith is what drives the attainment of hope (Heb. 11:1).

The path of the righteous shinneth brighter, even brighter unto a perfect day. Faith helps us see brightness even in the darkiest night. However, we must understand that the basis of our hope is a determinant of it’s stability. If our hope is in mere men or in this world system; it is certain that we would be disappointed regularly.

I recommend hope on Jesus; the eternal rock of ages that never fails. Men may cave in, but God is trusthworthy. Therefore, our hope, like the popular hymn, should be built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.

Do not worry, be calm and count on God; He will never disappoint you. Okay?


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