I am God; all by myself. I show mercy, grace and favour without consulting mortals. As mortals are like grasses that fade away at evenings. That means I have to be self-sustained and self-contained. To do that which I promise, transgenerationally.

I am God; all by myself. Men would want me to take a course. But their depth of understanding is barely within their reach. For I know the end from the beginning. Who then can advise the Lord of Hosts. For I hold the fibres and ambers of the Universe in my hand.

I am God; all by myself. I say things with finality; my yes is yes, my no is no. If I bless a man, none can curse and vice versa. If I bless a man, he becomes rock; built upon Jesus. Hit him or be hit by him; both ways are disasters.

For I am God; all by myself. I call out and I anoint, I empower and I bless. I make a show of the mighty; the weak, I will multiply their strength. For my purpose shall always be established on earth. That whosoever I blessed is blessed, notwithstanding.

I am God; all by myself. I make myself known to all that diligently seek me. To the unbeliever, the cloud of their doubts would be their undoing. To those who believe, I am ever present in times of need. For I am as real to anyone to the extent of their faith.

Destiny Chukwuma. Manchester. 2:44am. 10 March 2019.

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