If you understand what I am going to write here, it might be one of the greatest piece of information you have ever received. This is not a theory; it is a living reality. The post is about how our lives as Christians mirrow the life and purpose of Jesus Christ.

Pls undertsand that the bible; from Genesis to Revelation is a single story about Jesus Christ. Christ being a perfect example has given us the framework to create a parallel story. That is what being a Christian is about. Just as Christ came so that God might bring sons unto himself, so you have come so that God might bring sons unto God with recourse to the foundation and example Christ is.

The duty of the Holy Spirit is to interprete the SCRIPTures and your life script and help you figure out the parallels in Jesus’ story for you to emulate. After your active life, long after you are gone from this earth, what will remain of you is stories of what you did. Many lives today are like scripts shelved that will never be acted. Please refer to the Holy Spirit for further explanations. We must live PURPOSEFULLY.

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