Have you ever cried because of how deep you were loved. I don’t know for you but I have severally. There is this kind of love so protecting, so understanding, so forgiving, so soothing, so deep, unexplainable that I have felt in the past and it made me cry.

You will not make mistakes if you are not attempting many things, taking risks and shooting out of your comfort zone. Not making mistakes could also suggest someone not aspiring for anything or simply maintaining the status quo. But once you need to take a bold step into the future, sometimes, things go wrong or you wouldn’t quite make it after all your concerted efforts. At this point, we need love, understanding and kindness.

I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. Jeremiah 31:3.

There is nothing else as enamouring as when you are loved with unfailing kindness continually. This is what God has said to me, to you in the text above. Unfailing is an unconditional qualification that is so deep. We are forever loved irrespective of where we are coming from, where we are and where we will be. What a great assurance.

I don’t know if you feel depressed, disappointed or downtrodden by any reason whatsoever. There is something bigger if you agree with me this morning. It is the steady, unfailing, comforting, assuring, hopeful and unfailing love of God. Do you not reason that He that started that good work of giving you life, health, family, job, etc is able to bring you to a glorious end? Have you forgotten that God is ABLE to do exceeding abundantly above what you can think or imagine? He can do much more that we can think and imagine if we trust him.

It is expedient to hook up with the love of God shared abroad in Christ. He knows us by name, in fact he numbered our hairs- that sort of details. He cares notwithstanding how we interpret Him and His love. We must praise him above all circumstances. He loves us.

Would you agree to be loved like me. Yes, we must let ourselves to be loved and helped. We must surrender the struggle to be and be made and taken into our rest.

I share the love of Christ because I have experienced it and trust that it is good for everyone. If you need to share with me privately, inbox me and we will share and pray together. My email as well is pragmadoconline@gmail.com if you prefer emailing. Remain in his love.

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